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November 24th,2017

I thought it would be quite appropriate to start my blog by writing about me, what am I? Do I fall into the cliche genre that is “the mobile hairdresser”?

 How many of us as young children ended up with a haircut that looked like a bowl had been put over our head and the family hairdresser simply cut round it? My challenge as a modern, professional hairstylist is to change that dated image of the “mobile hairdresser” that we all remember.

That first memorable experience for me, was being sat on a chair in front of the mirror, with an over sized gown on, being sprayed with a freezing cold water spray to wet my hair down and feeling pretty miserable about the whole thing. However I look back on it now rather fondly. It was interesting that a nice Lady came over to cut my hair. She had a big bag of tricks, shiny scissors, and all sorts of weird, fandango instruments and brushes that she was going to come at me with. Weirdly enough I loved it, I always found myself willing the next haircut to come around that bit quicker than the last. I always remember the smell of the products and the feel of the cold scissors on my skin as she cut that hideous straight-line, that created a fringe where I looked constantly surprised!  

I remember leaving college and thinking “yeah, I’m going to give that a go” and I can honestly say I have never looked back! 

So....., as The Hairstylist I still want to create those memories but make it a memorable experience for a different reason. Instead of being the “mobile hairdresser” I like to call myself “The Hairstylist” the nice lady, the professional, the smart, the talented, the highly skilled hairstylist that brings the experience and added luxury to you! A hairstylist that has the knowledge and wants to educate you on different techniques and hair care! I hope you like the concept and wish to experience what The Hairstylist has to offer and maybe you can decide for yourself if I have achieved what I set out to do! 

V xxx


December 16th, 2017

So here’s the next blog post and it just happens to be The Hairstylist’s first product review! I thought I would write about this glitzy little number and follow on with the nostalgic theme from my last blog post! 

Growing up in the 90’s I don’t know if any of you agree but space buns, middle partings and hair mascara were pretty compulsory! 

A friend and I went to a slightly more sophisticated Halloween party this year and I was looking around the local craft shop for glitter to put in my hair,  with the idea that I was going to randomly shake glitter all over my head and probably end up looking pretty....., pretty horrendous! Until I went into Superdrug and suddenly saw this little gold tin shining like a little beacon on the shelf! I instantly remembered the smell and started to get excited at the thought of potentially having an even spread of glitter over my desired hairstyle! 

So I purchased one of these little tins “GOLD GLITZ” glitter hairspray at a complete steal! Cheap as chips and gives us adults as well as the kids an excuse to have a little bit of fun and sparkle! 

A really great forgotten product, great for parties for people of all ages! The hold is soft and supple and the smell is pretty sweet yet dated, in a fond way, it’s the only way that I can describe it. This product definitely creates a great little nostalgic bubble as you get a waft whilst spraying it in your hair and the rest of your surrounds 🤣! Check it out at your local Superdrug and let me know what you think! 

V xx


February 27th, 2018

  Feeling very blessed to see the new year in with my Gorgeous little family and plan the year ahead! It has taken me a while to think about what to write for blog 3 and it got me thinking about what is important in life, the blessings we are given and that we should aim to be successful in all that we do. I can honestly say that I have been successful as I have created my own enjoyment and fulfilment within my hairdressing career! My success and joy is only due to the use of the vital tools that are needed to get the job done. So I thought for this blog post that I would write about the tools that enable us to have a career, trade or hobby. As a hairdresser one of our most important tools is our hands, something that is just given to us when we are created! I had the pleasure of meeting an amazing artist and jewellery maker, the lovely Becky Callow, and I ordered one of her pieces before Christmas as I just fell in love! A little tiny hand (see blog pic) I never really looked at my hands as important or a vital tool! So when I spotted this tiny,well crafted piece of silver it made me appreciate how precious my hands really are! Look at your trade, and look at the vital tools you need to follow your dreams and ultimately provide for yourself and your loved ones! So thanks to Becky for the daily reminder in the form of my tiny silver hand! Hope this post stops you in your tracks and makes you think about the tools of your trade! 

V xx


April 2nd, 2018

  So this blog post is about the Savvy sleepover that i was kindly invited to attend by The Savvy Mummy! Hanna (The Savvy Mummy) hosted a weekend of sleepovers, doing hair, mummies, kids, fun and some luxurious indulgence, at the most wonderful location, where we were kindly put up by the wonderful Fair Oak Farm in Mayfield, Sussex! 

So little Maggie and I embarked on our very last minute, but epically organised two night adventure feeling very excited. 

It then suddenly dawned on me that i wasn't just going on a holiday, but that i would be representing myself, my brand and needed to take this massive opportunity to promote myself and gain knowledge from all of these social media big guns.

I need not fear....... we simply had the best time and i learnt the most important thing on this little trip. Sometimes on this social media journey it is ok to not quite know who you are or where you are going with something! It's ok to just trust your gut (and mine sure is big enough) and actually accept that "Girl...., you are bloomin good at what you do, you are THE HAIRSTYLIST and you want to preach all things hair to the world"

Not only was the trip amazing, we made some great memories, i met the best people, created some beautiful hair (see blog pic) and really learnt a lot about myself! So just remember people



Check out @thehairstylist_vc on instagram to see my #savvysleepover post for more pictures.

Thanks to @the_savvy_mummy,  @yourcountryestate, @black_and_sigi (for the pic) @northerndoughco @dorsetcereals @primovinowines @littlelightpr and sorry to anyone that i have forgotten! 


July 31st, 2018

 It definitely blew up a storm at camp bestival this year but we didn’t let it stop us festival vibing until our tent, during 45 mph winds finally gave up the ghost! I was kindly invited by mummy blogger @mummy.deer (find her on insta) to hang out at the beautiful Lulworth Castle for the coolest family festival on the planet!

Everywhere you looked it was a feast for your eyes, from nautical dress up, to the most colourful Bollywood enchanted areas you have ever seen!

We all dressed up, channeling our inner Ariels and I got to do some fantastic festival hair, of which I forgot to take loads of pictures (duh)!

To say I was anxious about taking my little Maggie (aged 2) away camping for 4 nights was an understatement! However we arrived at our camping plus plot, along with Sophie’s amazing uncle, who set us up, to flushing toilets and warm decent showers and I immediately thought ‘we are going to be fine’.

Getting ready for the festival I adorned the girls with braids, colour sprays and glitter galore thinking how cool would it be to adorn all festival goers with the same Hairstylist’s touch!

We raved, we made badges, we tight rope walked, we sang at the top of lungs as Sara Cox blasted out Whitney and drank aaaaaa lot of wine!

Sadly after the next full day, Camp Bestival deemed it to unsafe to continue due to the winds and we had to come home, Booooooo!

Our amazing trip was over and I CANNOT wait to return next year. I am going to work hard to maybe try and earn myself a spot working there one day!

What an amazing experience at my first family festival, I really had nothing to fear! Here are a few tips if thinking of taking the plunge next year, get your self an off road buggy or wagon for the kids to plot up in from eBay or alike, be prepared to walk lots, make sure you have clothes for all weather as we got caught slightly off guard, stay hydrated, stay safe and most importantly dance like EVERBODY IS WATCHING!

V xx

Thanks to Sophie @mummy.deer (Instagram)